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Holiday Special: Miracle On Luckie Street

Participation in sports can help keep teens out of trouble, though it’s not guaranteed. Teens who participate in sports tend to have less time to get into trouble. Teen athletes also tend to do better academically and may get a boost in self-esteem compared to their peers who do not participate in sports.

Unfortunately, many teens turn to the wrong source to get their remiss. Youths seek comfort from those who welcome them, but sometimes they end up turning to street gangs or even just bad company just to feel accepted. Criminal involvement usually starts around the age of fifteen, and people who become criminally involved before the age of fourteen most likely end up having the longest criminal records and most persistent crime rate.

In the last fifteen years, the rate of violent crimes among youth has increased by 30%. There is strong evidence that organized sports programs can reduce the likelihood of teen’s committing crimes.

Bob Williamson is just one person that wished he became more involved in sports. "It would have made my life different. Put on a better path instead of winding up on the streets and getting in trouble."

His childhood was dark and by the time he was fifteen he was an alcoholic; he attended 19 different schools; he graduated to intravenous meth and heroin use and became a hard core addict; he was extremely violent, carried a .357 Magnum, and became a dangerous criminal committing armed robberies; he was kicked out of the military as a diagnosed sociopath; he spent time in Parrish Prison in New Orleans, he went through a nasty divorce; his family had given up on him; he was homeless, penniless, was a loner.

Today Bob Williamson is completely drug and alcohol free, he is no longer a slave to the “flash and the cash”, the pride of life, and the lust for unadulterated power. He has been happily married to the woman of his dreams for 40 years and has been blessed with three successful, happily married sons and seven grandchildren.

He is currently the CEO of the Williamson Group USA, a holding company with several subsidiaries including his latest venture, $35 million Honey Lake Resort and Spa that is being built on his 4700 acre sprawling Plantation near Tallahassee Florida. What makes Williamson’s accomplishments all the more inspiring is to understand the tremendous personal challenges that he overcame in his early life which he details in his recent book, Miracle on Luckie Street.

This holiday special is one that will capture your hearts and provide inspiration. Bob Williamson shares his captivating and tear jerking story Saturday December 29th @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email in advance.