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Former Atheist's Testimony Proves Nobody Is Beyond Redemption

"When I was 5 years old I killed my pet rabbit. I still find it hard to believe that I changed this much. You wouldn't recognize me." -Bob Williamson

Bob Williamson used to be the sort of person some, if not many, Christians would write off as someone least likely to get saved. He was cruel as a child, became an alcoholic at 15, was a drug addict by the time he was 17, and at the ripe old age of 18 was labeled a clinical sociopath who had no conscience. He was also an atheist who practiced witchcraft.

According to a Christian Post report, today, at the age of 64, Williamson - author of Miracle on Lucky Street - is a successful businessman who runs a multimillion-dollar company.

The report of his testimony includes an account of his time in a hospital following a near-fatal car accident when he was in his 20's. While there, he befriended an African-American nurse. "I thought that if there was a God," said Williamson, " He was mean and I didn't want to do anything with Him because my life up to that point had been a total disaster and I blamed God."

After the nurse gave him a copy of her own Bible to read, he said he became "enamored" with God and began discovering that Jesus Christ was "nothing like I had always thought."

Still, in defiance, he said: "I told her 'your Bible is nothing but a lie.' I showed her the verse and I said 'I am a hardcore drug addict and less than 2 percent of whoever puts a needle in their arm ever gets out of that alive. I had all kinds of friends die. I've seen people commit suicide including my brother; I committed armed robbery.'"

"She put her hands on her hips," he said, "and said 'Jesus is God and He can do anything He wants to do and He can change your sorry tail.' Since then I believed the Bible was the Word of God."

Since then, he has never touched drugs or alcohol.

To read more of this physical and spiritual "rags to riches" story, click on the link provided.
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