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Teresa and Bob Williamson

riginally established by Elizabeth “Pansy” Ireland Poe, this property has a long and prosperous recreational history. It was improved and nurtured for over two decades by Wall Street titan James H. Dahl before it was purchased in 2008 by successful entrepreneur Bob Williamson and his wife Teresa.

Michelle and Jon
Williamson with their sons
Ryan and Owen

Williamson, who lives on the property, immediately set out to improve the facilities and environment. Early on he decided the plantation was simply too magnificent and valuable as a regional treasure to keep it private, so he decided to offer limited public access—provided that opening up the property would not adversely affect its pristine quality. He was joined by his youngest son Jon, and together the idea for Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa was spawned.

After investing some $30 million dollars and thousands upon thousands of hours of hard work, Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa is now a reality. It is truly something to behold.

We Hope that You Enjoy it as Much as We Do!

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