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oney Lake's passion for serving the best and freshest food in all environments, combined with our ability to stage superb presentations and execute excellent, seamless, sophisticated service is unmatched and legendary. Honey Lake Premiere Catering is now the first choice of top wedding planners, major corporations, neighboring plantations, and private, religious, and cultural institutions for all of their special events.

You can be assured that our ability to serve the best is not diminished by the size of your event. Whether it's a dinner for 25 or a gala for 2,000, the focus is always on the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and their guests. One of our top priorities is to achieve a high standard of creativity in our presentations - one that reflects Southeast Plantation Weddingsthe hours we spend on planning and on finding the right menus to best represent our clients. We strive to serve you well with our expertise in creating themes, arranging flowers, selecting linens, and orchestrating decor.

Great service — Great food — Great presentation — Fair prices

What more could you ask for? You need look no further; Honey Lake Premiere Catering is the caterer with a flair for taste and style.

Thomasville Plantation Weddings Honey Lake's restaurants and banquet services are simply put, the best! We offer classic plantation-inspired steak and seafood cuisine complemented with gracious Southern hospitality and outstanding service. We change the menu seasonally, and even day-to-day, to ensure use of the freshest ingredients available so that you will have a memorable dining experience. Our menus also include a succulent array of the freshest seasonal local bounty, including quail, venison, freshly harvested saltwater & freshwater fish, and oysters. All come with our delicious signature honey-laced bread and rolls, which are baked daily.

And for those who love their choice meats flavored, be sure to try one of our Honey Lake Honey Baked Hams. Or if you want it smoked to perfection, then you need look no further: The resort owns and operates its very own Honey Lake Smokehouse, where juicy Boston butts, ribs, shoulders, hams, turkeys, and the best sausage and bacon this side of the Mississippi are seasoned with our secret recipes and then smoked around the clock, the old-fashioned way. Or for a bit of heaven on earth, try our finger-licking good, hickory-smoked barbeque.

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Greenville Plantation WeddingsAll ingredients that are used in the simplest hors d'oeuvres, our elaborate entries, or the most intricate desserts are of the finest quality and are either grown on our own plantation or brought in fresh daily for each event. Honey Lake grows most of its own vegetables in its lush organic garden; derives farm fresh eggs and fresh poultry from its chicken yard; utilizes fresh channel catfish from its organic fish farm; and obtains much of its prime beef and chops from beef cattle raised organically right on the plantation.

Whispering Pines Banquet Hall
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Perched atop the highest point on Honey Lake Plantation sits the Whispering Pines Banquet Hall. The views from inside the banquet hall or from outside on the veranda and adjacent deck are stunning . . . blue skies, green pastures, grazing horses, meandering Ryan's River flowing through tall timber lined with sweeping native grasses. Lake Hay Hay La La and Lake Obo with their beautiful inhabitants—fluttering waterfowl, herons, and egrets—provide the entertainment and perfect setting for your dining pleasure.

Enjoy the evening by dining on the freshest seafood, Florida Plantation Weddingsprime steaks, wild game, fresh vegetables, honey-laced bread and rolls, topped off with absolutely decadent, mouthwatering desserts. A sumptuous hot breakfast buffet is also served up daily, and you can be assured that nothing but organic farmfresh eggs will ever be served.

Whispering Pines Restaurant

Florida Plantation Weddings Located adjacent to the Whispering Pines Banquet Hall is the Whispering Pines Restaurant. It provides a wonderful place for you and your friends to grab a salad or burger for lunch, and gather for an evening of relaxation and fun as you share a glass of wine or other beverage as you review your day's activities.

Owl's Nest Tallahassee Plantation Weddings

After a hearty meal, many of our clients just cannot resist a
good cigar, a glass of fine wine, and the swapping of tales as
Owl's Nest Floorplantall as the tallest longleaf pine trees surrounding the bar. Although the resort offers a smoke-free environment throughout, its landmark Owl's Nest Cigar Bar provides the perfect setting for puffing away on your stogie in complete comfort and privacy — without fear of disturbing other guests who might not appreciate the aroma of a fine cigar.

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