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Bob Williamson: Former Addicts So Thugs and Successful Entrepreneur

Many of us are stuck in one's judgment regarding future to see how he lived life in the past and now. However, in most cases we can also shocked to know just how drastic the changes that can occur in a short period of time in one's life.

Bob Williamson is probably one of the people who became evident that the gloom in our lives in the past and present can be transformed into so bright with the spirit entrepreneurship and spiritual beliefs are firm.

If you've never heard of him, you may have never heard of his success as a business leader at Horizon Software International and Honey Lake Plantation. In both these successful business, Bob managed to become a billionaire.

To convince you how dark past Bob, let us examine how the story of his life. Bob had undergone various 'roles' as follows in now at the age of 64 years. He was a wanderer as teenagers, the homeless on the streets, armed robber, check forger, artisan drinking, amphetamine addicts, heroin addicts, survivors in a severe accident, atheist, re-embraced Christianity, loyal workers faithfully company, pioneering software, SME owners, victims white-collar fraud, artist, playboy, husband, author, philanthropist, lifesaver, speaker, multimillionaire, and is now a successful entrepreneur who built a happier life, stable, and full consciousness.

"Since young I have been wrestling with the problem. I started drinking alcohol since the age of 12 years, addicted to drugs at the age of 17 years. I have to move from 19 schools as a youth, riding freight trains to travel all over the U.S., entering the armed forces.

In old age, Bob holds a degree as a serial entrepreneur successful thanks to his efforts in setting up a number of companies even in the face of various challenges along the way dramatic. He wrote these words in his autobiography entitled "Miracle on Luckie Street".

A life-death experience makes Bob a chaotic life changed. After the collision natural death which makes it nearly killed and a long history of criminality at age 22 years, he met and was treated by a nurse at the hospital that made her open to virtue through religion.

Since then, he is determined to improve her life thus destroyed. Without the history of education and experience stunning, she applied for a job with one goal: to work harder and smarter than anyone else.

He managed to get a position in the Glidden paint company. There, he worked seriously and when promoted a save on electricity costs thanks to its success in the use of an electric bulb. He was promoted to 8 times up to the level of management and realize the time comes for his own business.

He claimed to have founded 11 companies and all of them successful. A few years ago he sold Horizon Software International specifically engaged in the management of food service distribution supply the number of which is hardly little. Now he uses some of that money to build his dream resort and spa in Greenville, Florida.