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A true rags to riches story in Greenville, Florida.

By Lanetra Bennett

How does a man go from homeless to multi-millionaire?

Bob Williamson is willing to share his secrets of success.

Williamson is the owner of several companies, including Honey Lake Resort and Spa in Greenville, Florida.

The 64-year-old is hosting a seminar in hopes that his own life and business experiences will help others find true and lasting success.

Williamson says, "God has blessed me enormously and I want to give back an d I want to help other people. I have a real passion for helping people. My real purpose for basically the rest of my life. Everything's possible and there's plenty of hope out there."

The two-day seminar is November 4th and 5th at Honey Lake Plantation, 1290 NW Honey Lake Road.

For more information, call 850-948-9911 or e-mail